Wednesday, October 26, 2011


the moment you start seeing life as non-serious,
a playfulness, all the burden on your heart disappears.
all the fear of death, of life, or love - everything disappears.
one starts living with a very light weight or almost no weight.
so weightless one becomes, one can fly in the open sky.

the woman in the card is celebrating the joy of being alive, like a butterfly that has emerged from its chrysalis into the promise of light. she reminds us of the time when we were children , discovering seashells on the beach or building castles in the sand without any concern that the waves might some and wash them away in the next moment. she knows that life is a game, and she's playing the part of a clown right now with no sense of embarassment or pretense.

when the Page of Fire enters your life, it is a sign that you are ready for the fresh and the now. something wonderful is just on the horizon, and you have just the right quality of playful innocense and clarity to welcome it with open arms.

from, the
Osho Zen Tarot

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